Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Relationships and Hypocrisy

I "come from" a big family and lately I've been noticing (and enjoying) the different relationships that I have with each of my brothers and sisters. My youngest brother and I are usually the first to get up in the morning and so we spend time together each morning eating breakfast and sometimes playing Wii or looking things up online together. My youngest sister and I share a room, so we spend a lot of time just hanging around each other and talking together or just being there. One of my brother's likes to go fishing - something I would enjoy if you didn't have to buy a dang license - sometimes I go along with him when he goes fishing and just sit in the boat or on a culvert and watch him catch some fish. Etc, etc, I do various things with my other brothers and sisters, too... and then there are the ones who have moved out and with whom my main relationship most of the time is through phone calls - which is a lot different and a lot harder, because I hate talking on the phone. I love seeing relationships between other people and I love the relationships that I have.

One thing that I dislike is hypocrisy - Lord, help me to do the things that I expect from others and to stand for the things that I say that I believe in.



  1. Hi there!
    love the new blog!
    just wanted to thank you again for the comments on my blog and prayers for both my family and my sweet little foster sisters. they're appreciated so much.
    hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. i like your alias. we might be in need of another girl's name and hadessa would fit my hubby's rules- three or more sylables and ending in a vowel.

    i'm glad you enjoy your big family. i wished mine were bigger but at least we have cousins who are close.

  3. oops, i really butchered the spelling of that one. i just found out the was ester's hebrew name. i love the story of ester!