Monday, September 28, 2009

ADHD and Something I Found Funny

I took a quiz that was supposed to determine if a person has ADHD/how much that person has ADHD the other day. I was told that I have moderate ADHD... something I kind of figured about myself... but the thing is, since I took the quiz I feel like my ADHD is even stronger - am I just imagining this?

Tonight while eating supper (yes, I call it supper not dinner) my dad was talking to my younger brother about the earth's crust and how the inside is filled with lava (or something like that, haha, I don't know). He said that if you compare an apple to the earth, the peel is only how thick the crust on the earth is (ya know, cause of the size difference). My older brother (a witty twenty some) was like "I'm movin' " - I thought that was pretty funny, but you probably had to be there to get it.

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