Monday, September 7, 2009

Flying and Fall

I will be flying to Washington DC on Friday. I have never flown before! I don't really know what to expect - and I always want to know what to expect before jumping into things. I'm not worried about the flying itself, but more the security and check in process (am I going to have to take off my shoes? empty my pockets? empty my carry on bag myself?) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :) I am quite nervous, but also pretty excited.

I dislike (dare I say hate?) fall! Does anyone else? It is such a sad time of year, summer coming to an end, winter starting soon. Fall is such an ending, while spring is such a fresh beginning.


  1. ah, flying. such fun : )
    just remember that thousands of people go through security every day and although those security people look like they might kill you, they are actually there to help you. (i know, i know, that is NO consolation.)
    so, here are some tips:

    Yes, you have to take off shoes, your jacket and empty your pokets and put all of that stuff in a little bin they provide for you. It all goes through the security scanner.

    Your carry-on bags (and purse) go right on through the scanner, too. so there is no need to empty any of it.

    Basically, everything except for you and your boarding pass will go through the scanner!

    make sure all your liquids and lotions (shampoos, conditioners, face wash etc) are in containers of 3 ounces or smaller, and placed in a quart-size zip-lock bag. that bag needs to be taken out and placed in the same bin that your purse and shoes go in. (don' forget that this includes water bottles! you can bring an empty water-bottle and then fill it up after you go through security if you want. but make sure it isn't filled with water when you go through!)

    okay, this is really long. so sorry! thanks for the continued prayers. they're so appreciated.

    oh, and a chocolate chip pie is basically like a chocolate chip cake with pie crust. SO GOOD! (i don't like pies at all, either!)

  2. Thank you for the blog comment! Good luck on your first flight, takeoff & landing always make me a bit nervous even though I've flown many many times. Don't worry it can't be as bad as my cousins 1st's flight to Florida, she asked if we were going to lose gravity when we took off. ;-)

    They will make you take off your shoes at security & any outer jacket, hoodie, etc. (goes in the plastic bin.) If you're taking a laptop it will have to come out of your carryon into the security bin. And don't worry too much about the 3-1-1 ( 3oz or less-1 quart size zip lock-1 per person.)rule. Chapstick, Crayon eyeliner, Pens, are not considered liquids, but hand sanitizer, lipgloss, etc is. Don't forget to have your I.D. out with your boarding pass too at the metal detector. :)

    Are you doing an E-ticket? The machines are easy to use. Just swipe your credit or debit card, select the steps, it will print your luggage tag out for you and you hand the attendent your bag if you're checking one!

  3. Good luck with your first flight! Really it's not too bad and most of the time the security and check-in stuff goes pretty quick and smooth. The other ladies already pretty much explained it all with what to expect. Have a good trip! :)

    And Fall, I don't really mind it except for the fact that it only means winter is coming. Ugh, I hate snow, cold, etc. I LOVE Spring and Summer too! Green, happy, new!