Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Home!

Flying there... was good. Security was so simple and easy. The take off and the landing and everything in between was smooth - it reminded me of riding in a bus (or kind of a boat, tipping a little from side to side once in awhile).

We spent the night sitting around in the airport waiting for it to get light enough out for us to go have a look around. We played a few games of tic tac toe, read some magazines, watched some people sleep on the airport floor, etc.. In the morning we headed out walking just to see how far we could get, and ended up walking all of the way across the water and to the Lincoln Memorial, on to the Washington Monument and to the Tea Party/march.

The protest... was great! There were so many people there! At first I was worried that things might get a little out of hand - and how I wouldn't want that! I just wanted a simple, peaceful, protest - and that is pretty much what I got. I didn't agree with every sign that was there, or with the attitudes of everyone there, but I was definitely proud to be joining with so many people (estimates are over a million) standing up for our rights and for our country. It was an experience unlike any that I will ever get the chance to be involved in again.

After the march (which went from where we had gathered - Freedom Plaza? - to the Capital) my brother and I decided we might as well walk back, since we had walked there and "knew" we could do it again. After a quick trip out of the way to see the White House, we headed back. I grew pretty tired (and my shoes were really hurting my feet) as we walked - I believe that we walked close to ten miles if not more that day. I was a bit of a wimp, but my brother was very patient with me. We walked through the Arlington National Cemetery on the way back, but didn't have a lot of time to really pay a lot of attention to it, but I did realize that a lot of people are buried there - many who had given up (at least part of) their lives for our freedom.

Flying back... was fine. I was a little nervous boarding the plane, because I had heard of people who had a great first flight and a not so good second, but it went good. We got back to our home state and my other brother's home town and took a bus to that brother's apartment.

Spending time with my brothers... Sunday, my brother and I were able to go to my other brother's church for the first time. And then we spent about five hours hanging out with that brother and doing a little shopping.

I am home! (And this post is way too long, so I am going to stop!)

Thanks for all the advice, and prayers, and support. :)



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  1. Glad you're home safe & your first flying experience was a good one! I've had bad ones where my flight has been rescheduled due to weather, where my luggage didn't arrive, I was stuck in Hong Kong for 5 hours once due to snow in Chicago, lol. Glad yours went so smooth! Sounds like a great experience, I've never been to Washington D.C. yet.