Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interacting With and Loving All Types of Life

I've written that I am from a large family - and haven't really explained how large. I've written about some of the relationships that I have with my immediate family - and haven't nearly covered all the relationships that I have with my other relatives. Now I am going to cover - somewhat - how diverse my family (and other relatives) really is. Here she goes...

My youngest relative is my little unborn niece or nephew who has been (for lack of a better word) "created" for under two months. My love for this little one is already strong and I think about him or her every day, yet I haven't even had the chance to "meet" them yet - and won't until springtime.

My oldest relative is my (older of the two) Grandma, she has been on this earth for over 86 years and is still going strong - despite a scare that she gave us last week. I've loved my Grandma my whole life and I get to visit with her quite often.

In between these two there are children who have just celebrated their first and second birthdays, children who have just become (or will soon) teens, and children in between those two groups. There are aunts and uncles who are fast approaching 40, and there are those who have already passed 60.

My relatives include engaged couples, married couples (my family alone includes 3 of these), divorced couples, remarried couples, living together (but unmarried) couples, a homosexual adult, and single adults. My relatives are many and diverse.

While I am not close to a lot of my relatives, I love each and every one of them.

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