Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Praying and Kmart Couponing and How Random Are Those - and a "Anniversary" Coming Up

I like to pray as I mow lawn - it's my "main" prayer time. I will pray for a different family member each time around the section that I am mowing... it makes the mowing go faster and it is really great to have that (uninterrupted) time to pray. I used to have a prayer list that I would go through at night, but found that to be too repetitious, as I was starting to have it memorized... I have a journal which I write out as a prayer, but have found that I sometimes don't really "feel" like I am praying what I write... and so I'm looking for other ideas for praying more - other than my lawn mower trick.

I've been loving the double coupon events that Kmart has been having off and on for the last year or so - my family and I have been able to get so many free (and almost free) items. But now, I've heard, that the double coupon event that is on right now is (supposedly) the last one of the year - and maybe even the last one ever. So sad. :(

If you haven't noticed, I love randomness - and the act of being random. :) That's why my blog jumps from subject to subject - just whatever I feel like writing (or sharing) at that moment.

Friday is my 6 month "Anniversary" of something - any guesses as to what?



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