Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Things That I Am Looking Forward To In The Coming Days

First, my brother and mine's trip to Washington DC - though I am dreading my first trip through security, etc, I am still looking forward to this trip. A. I will get to spend a lot of time with this brother. B. I will get to see our capital. C. I will get to "speak up" for what I believe. D. I will get to experience what it is to fly.

Second, my brother and I are flying out of (and in to) one of my other brother's home town (city) and we are spending the night at that brother's apartment Saturday night and will get to hang out with him on Sunday.

Third, Wheel of Fortune is starting a new season on Monday, and my younger brother and sister and I are planning on "getting into" it again - we stopped watching when they started playing replays in the beginning of the summer. We're weird, we know, but we love Wheel of Fortune.

Beyond those three... whatever the future holds. :)



BTW, sometimes I just say "my brother" or "my sister", that does not mean that I only have one of each or anything, actually quite the contrary. :) It's just simpler that way.

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  1. Hope your trip went well! I know what you mean about the brother or sister thing. I may say "my brother" at times, but I really have 3.