Friday, October 30, 2009

A Halloween Eve Confession

I must confess, I am "__" years old and I have never been trick or treat-ing! It's not something that my parents ever allowed my brothers and sisters and I to participate in, reasoning unknown. :) I must say, though, I look forward to one day helping my future children dress up and go out and collect some goodies. I think that the idea of dressing up into whatever kind of person (or animal, etc.) you want to be sounds like so much fun!

I've also never carved a Jack O Lantern, but came close this year for the first time ever - my brothers, younger sister, and I made a pumpkin "snowman" and my brother carved it's face.

So now you know a little more of what makes me strange... err.. unique. :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL! (Have a great time trick or treat-ing and carving your Jack O lanterns and eating your candy.)

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  1. Happy Halloween! My parents took us trick or treating for a few years- but then all of the relatives decided it was safer having a halloween party instead. You should try carving a pumpkin- it's fun! Messy! But Fun, hehe. :)