Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Weekend (in the Presence of Pregnant Women)

My weekend was good - though it could have been a bit longer. :) Friday night my brothers and little sister and I went to a couple music stores so that my brother could try out some guitars, then quickly stopped at Big Lots just to see if they had any good deals, then had a supper of pizza from the restaurant that my brother works at. Saturday we were met by my family (which includes 2 pregnant women) and my brothers in-laws, along with my cousin (who is pregnant herself) and her husband and daughter. My oldest brother's party went good and we had a (chilly) good time "tailgating", only with pizza, in the parking lot for a couple of hours. I got home about 10 last night, and some of my family is still at my brother's house.

It was interesting to hang out with 3 pregnant people, 2 of whom I have known my whole life and I still have a hard time believing that they are married and pregnant (even though this is my cousin's second). Time goes so fast!

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