Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Religion, "Only" Faith

So, continuing on with my Facebook quotes posts that started here:

"The world does not need any more religion!
It needs Jesus Christ.
Religion is people's attempt to do God's work in their own strength.
Jesus wants us to live and walk in God's strength."

From Brother Yun's book Living Water

I am a strong believer in no religion! Religion to me is a list of (man-made) rules that you have to follow - and I am not a man-made rule follower. Sure, I would say that I am a Christian, but I am more likely to say that I am a Jesus follower, or that I have a relationship rather than a religion. We don't need to follow certain (man-made) rules, we only need to be saved - and being saved is going to make us want to follow God-made instructions on how to live life. We cannot save ourselves, but God can save us. We don't need religion, we need faith and a relationship.

Today I am thankful to have gotten to spend the day with a very special little two year old boy, my cousin's son. We have been watching him for a few hours this afternoon and it's been great. :)

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