Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful for Grandparents ...

Despite losing one of my Grandpas ten years ago this summer, I realize that I should be filled with thankfulness to have three grandparents still living today - despite the fact that two of them are in their eighties and two of them have also had some major health problems in the past year. My grandparents are great people, and I am blessed to live within a half hour of all three of them - though I still don't see them as often as I should.

I'm not a good-two-shoes person, in fact I am about the opposite, but it's funny, the only people who I really feel the need to please, the only people who I really care about how they see me, the people who I respect the most in this life, are my grandparents. (That was a really long, and grammatically incorrect sentence.)

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  1. Grandparents are so great (and it's GREAT being one too =) I grew up with only one grandparent, my Grandmother and she passed away when I was 13 yrs old. I miss her a lot, but one day I will see her again in Heaven. She was such a huge influence in my life.

    Have a Blessed day,