Friday, December 25, 2009

Different Kind of Christmas

I predicted a different Christmas this year, didn't I? Well I got it... I've never written a blog post on Christmas (maybe that's just because I haven't been doing a lot of blogging for very long), I've never been without any presents until 1:48pm and counting, I've never stayed home from the family gathering that we always attend for Christmas, and I have never had reheated pizza for lunch, alone and on the computer, on Christmas day. This may be different, but I don't mind. :) It's actually kind of refreshing, haha... seriously I just feel kind of out of it (which might be because of a lack of sleep last night).

Christmas Eve, we indeed found ourselves snowed in from going to church. My older sister got nasty sick (throwing up alot). My brothers, younger sister and I played a game of Monopoly with a bit of twist to the rules - allowing ourselves to cheat as long as we didn't get caught - the game lasted till well after midnight, when my brothers eventually decided to just end it.

Christmas morning, my little bro woke us up to eat. My sister was still sick. My older sister and my bil didn't want to drive in the snow. We decided to wait with presents.

This all brings us to now, Christmas afternoon. I stayed home with my sick sister. The rest of the crew went to the family gathering. Presents will - hopefully - be opened later tonight.

End of story.

But wait... some things never change - today is still a day that we celebrate Jesus coming here to earth to live, only to later die for us. What He did for us is amazing, and is worth much more than the gifts that still sit wrapped under the tree. Thank You Jesus for what you did for us!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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  1. Amen!! What Jesus did for us is truly AMAZING!!! I am so thankful for His grace mercy and love!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet one!!

    Love and many hugs to you,