Friday, December 18, 2009

Little Indian Maiden

My grandpa (before dying) and grandma (still does) live down the road from my house, less than a mile away. When I was growing up my older siblings and I would go to help my grandpa with his garden, or cleaning, etc, a couple times a week. He would always pay us, and I enjoyed doing it - though I remember my siblings dreading it. My grandpa was loud and a teaser, and some might feel uncomfortable around him, but not me... you see, I was my grandpa's "little Indian maiden". I had (and still have) long dark hair, I was very tan as a kid, and I still get told that I look "Indian" (as in Native American). I was proud to be grandpa's special grandchild. My grandpa loved polka, and I liked it too - while everyone else hated it - and my grandpa made me a cassette of some polka music (that I still have today, though I don't have a cassette player, so...).

My grandpa died 10 years ago this past July. He was going on eighty when he died. He lived at home until the day that he died. He didn't have a lot of health problems, but died suddenly of a heart attack. I was not able to tell him goodbye. His funeral was the first funeral that I went to, and I haven't gone to one since (I'm lucky, I know). I loved my grandpa, and there are times when I still miss him, but I was just a young kid when he died, and I don't think that it hurt near as much as it would hurt if he was still around and died now.

Why am I writing about all of this now? My grandma is not doing very good. She has heart problems, and has for years. She is on a pacemaker and has been for as long as I can remember. But lately her drugs haven't been working so well, and I hate to admit it, but she may not have a lot of time left. My grandma still lives alone in the house that her and grandpa lived in... in many ways she is doing a lot better than other folks in their eighties, but her heart is slowly giving up. I don't know what it would be like to lose someone now, I can't imagine the pain that I would go through - and I feel wrong to write any of this now, like I am giving up on her.

Will you please pray for my grandma? And for me and my family?

A random fact thrown in... I have no memories of my grandma prior to my grandpa's death, like I said my grandpa was loud, and my grandma is quiet. My grandpa was the one that I remembered for the first half of my life and my grandma is the one I have had around for my second half - I have gotten to know her so much better in the ten years that my grandpa has been gone.

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