Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday in church our "normal" pastor was gone, and so our youth pastor did the message instead... he talked about making New Year's resolutions and how Christian try so hard to take off their old self, but don't work so hard towards putting on their new self. He said that there are many "scantily clad" Christians who, while they don't sin, also don't do all that they should be doing. I really liked that message. I heartily agreed with it. We are quick to point fingers if someone swears or does some other (easily noticeable) sin, but not so quick to help out others and to love as God has called us - failing to "put on" all that we are supposed to. I am going to resolve to love others more in the coming year.

And, along the lines of New Year's resolutions, I have decided that I am no longer going to just live undecided about what I believe regarding Jesus second coming/the rapture/the end of the world, or whatever may be coming - I am going to study Revelation for myself and at least know what the Bible has written about these issues.

Are you going to make any resolutions? If so, what resolutions are you going to be making?


  1. Good for u!
    It is very important to read for your self and dig deep into the bible!
    Praise Him for reaching you with that message:)

  2. Hi Haddy!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day. I like your resolution to actively do more. My family has a similar resolution this year. Our goal is to do something nice everyday. I've been writing it down on a note in my scriptures. It has been really fun so far. Good luck with Revelations!