Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taking Care of the Poor and Needy

This is the last of my Facebook quote posts, that started here:

"Those who shut their ears to the cries of the poor will be ignored in their own time of need."

This is Proverbs 21:13. Do you want to be ignored when you need help? Nope, neither do I. So I guess we had better keep our ears open to the cries of the poor.

I hope that these Facebook posts have not come out as preachy. That is definitely not how I would ever want to sound. :)

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  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! I really love the scripture that you shared. You know, helping the needy could be as close as a 5 minute drive across town--I delivered a meal the other night to a family, and my heart was so touched by what I saw.