Friday, February 19, 2010

Lost in the Old Testament and (OF COURSE) the Babies

Let me start by saying that I cannot believe that it is now under 100 days until my first niece or nephew is due - and baby C (my niece) is due just a couple of weeks after that one! I - along with their parents - am getting a little inpatient.

I have a song stuck in my head for the last few days, since I have been reading in the Old Testament since the beginning of the year... the song is really "Back in the New Testament" by Apologetix (the song is a parody of Back in the USSR by the Beatles), but I have made up a parody of the parody - "Lost in the Old Testament". :) I am so lost as to what one is supposed to learn in the Old Testament. I am so confused how the same God who says that "the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath" (spoken when the Pharisees were upset that Jesus' disciples were "working" on the Sabbath, Mark 2:27) in the New Testament, commanded that someone who had been working on the Sabbath in the Old Testament be stoned (Numbers 15:32-36). I am confused that our God who loves and who commands us not to judge, had such harsh rules and had the people judge and carry out punishments for those who disobeyed His commands. I'm surprised that a God who, I believe, values all life didn't give as strong of a punishment for those who - intentionally - caused a miscarriage, as He did for those who caused another murder (don't remember the reference right now). It's not as if I have never read the old testament before, I think it's just that I have grown older and now I feel the need to question things before just believing. ... I feel bad even writing all this, even questioning God and His Word, but this all just shows that I am confused and that I am lost!

But "I still believe"... I believe in Jesus, I know that there is a reason behind all that I am reading - I just have yet to find that reason or to "figure out" the Old Testament.

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  1. I set out on January 18th to read the bible in a year. So I just read that verse in Numbers's yesterday and I feel the same thing. My husband and I were discussing it last night about the man being stone for collecting sticks! I feel the same way sometimes about the New Testament, and I don't think you are questioning God you are trying to understand his word, but that it takes discussion with someone to try to understand it. When things get weird or hard to understand I just think he loved us enough to create us, and I think he is trying to teach us that yes there are temptations, and you will be judged for what you do with those temptations. I am just glad he sent Jesus to Earth so that we cold be forgiven rather than stoned for our sins.