Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Baby Brother...

... is turning 13 this week! (Yes, my oldest brother is 30 and my youngest brother is 12, and yes we are all biological whole siblings.) I love him so much, and it's been so exciting to see him grow up - even if it is a bit sad, haha. I was going to just post about how fast time has gone, and how I can't believe that the youngest child in my family is now a teenager (making there 2 teens in the family, and a bunch of adults), but writing this has really turned my thoughts to my very youngest sibling... the one who we was miscarried just over 7 years ago. I cannot imagine how different life would be with a little one around today, and I can see how a little one would make some things harder, but I still feel a love for that little one and I miss him/her today.

Anyway, I love my baby brother (who is here on earth with me, not waiting for me in Heaven)... I love eating breakfast with him each morning. I love helping solve the riddles on Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DS. I love playing Wii with him. I love - although sometimes I don't act that way - reading Bible to him each night - even though I know that he could read it to himself and is just too lazy to try. :P I love how he logs me onto the computer each morning - cause he knows the speed (or lack thereof) of our computer drives me nuts. I love how he can keep a goldfish alive - for years, even. :)

I love my baby brother! Happy Birthday _______!

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