Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Waiting until it's too late

I lost my grandma yesterday, unexpectedly she is gone forever. I feel satisfied in the fact that I was able to spend last Saturday, and so many other days, with her. She was a big baseball fan and so she was able to hold on long enough to find out the winner of the 2010 World Series. She met her youngest great grandchild on Sunday. She has had multiple chances to visit with and hold my niece and nephew. I am feeling peace because of all of the above and because of prayers that are going up on my behalf.

Grandma's death has got me thinking, why do we always wait until it is too late? On the day of Grandma's death there were so many of her children and grandchildren and other family members at the hospital, too late to visit with her. How my Grandma would have loved to have had just a few of those visit her sooner and more often. Grandma's funeral will, assuredly, be filled with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people who loved her... how many of those have taken the time in the past months to visit with her? My uncle who lives across the country will, most likely, be flying up for the funeral - I am sure that he will be grateful for the visit that he made to her this past summer even as he wishes this trip were for that same reason.

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