Friday, April 27, 2012

One special boy...

Very soon he would have celebrated his 13th birthday...

He's been with me since I was just a kid...

He was afraid of thunder storms. He would come up by the house, sometimes standing on a lawn chair to peek in the window, afraid, whenever it stormed. There were even a couple times where he would sneak into the house when it was storming outside, but we finally figured it worked best to let him into the garage during those times. 

He was also afraid of babies/toddlers. He would run whenever they came around... until recently. During the last few weeks he had started to make friends with my little nephew, no longer afraid of him.

He loved our family, and he loved attention.

I don't know that any other dog will ever have the special place in my heart that he had. 

Goodbye Buster, you will be missed!

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