Thursday, April 19, 2012

To trust, or not to trust...

How does a parent make a decision to trust someone else with their child? How does someone take their child to a school to be (practically) raised by someone they hardly know?

I've been pondering these questions over the last several weeks... I admit, if I am ever given the chance to be a parent I may be a bit paranoid... I don't think I would trust anyone to watch my child other than my family.

Why I am thinking of this...

A local bus driver got in trouble for sending inappropriate pictures/texts to a child, a child as in an eleven year old.

Just today there were two national news articles... One, a teen dying of cardiac arrest after being restrained at a school. Second, a teacher firing a round of blanks at his whole class of students - the students ending up physically fine, but not so emotionally.

The man who is number one of the FBI's most wanted list right now used to be a private school teacher - and he's in trouble for child pornography.

And then there's just a whole lot of drama going on with the teachers in my state right now, in relation to unions and a fight against our governor.

Before I offend someone... I am not saying that all teachers are bad. I have two aunts, two uncles, a cousin, and probably others who I am forgetting... who are all teachers, and I bet they all do a good job - and I know that they wouldn't do anything to harm their students.

There may be some schools that are filled with teachers who care about the kids. (But isn't there a pretty good chance that each school has at least one bad teacher, or bus driver, or principal, or coach, etc.?)

As I said before, I will probably make a paranoid parent one day (if I am given that chance.) I just don't really trust schools, private, or public.

Now that I have come off as this crazy, paranoid freak.... I will finish.


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  2. Thank you for stopping by .Redeemed. I love this post. I do not have children, but I am a nanny of two and treat them as they are my own children. I completely agree with everything you said. When is it okay to trust???