Friday, September 27, 2013

Renting Textbooks

So... this is a different kind of post for me, a bit of information for college students out there, rather than a review.

Everyone knows that college is expensive. Not only do you have to pay for tuition and room and board, but you also are faced with the cost of all of the "extras"... textbooks.

A great option for saving a bit of money in college is to rent a textbook. Who ever goes back and reads their textbooks after they graduate? No one. Who would benefit from renting those books? Everyone.

When you rent through, you will save 40-90% off of bookstore prices. That is a lot of money!

You will also receive free shipping and flexible renting periods.

You might be thinking "but what about if I need to highlight my book..." Guess what... you can even do that in the book that you rent.

As one more added bonus, with each rental, Operation Smile will receive a donation from You can do good while saving money.

Another option available is the opportunity to rent out your textbooks through You can earn money off of the books that you already bought and no longer have a use for.

Get out there and save money. And then... enjoy your life.

*This is a sponsored post and I will be endorsed for it.

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