Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My One Dollar (Filled) Easter Basket

I am a frugal person, and that is known about me. Yet, I love giving gifts. It wasn't until after I was finished with the Easter basket that I created for one of my nieces and one of my nephews (the two of them are siblings) that I realized I had only spent one buck on it - from start to finish. Check it out.

This is the basket that I created, filled with a few fun - and fairly valuable - items:

It was filled with...

A toddler Bible that I received free to review - for my almost two year old nephew:

A Noah's Ark activity book that I also received free to review - for my almost four year old niece:

A DVD that I won on a blog for my "show" loving niece - to be shared with her brother, of course:

The only item that cost me anything, a Farmville Memory set that I got on clearance at Walmart - I paid $1 for it, and my nephew loves sheep, too:

Lastly, the basket was roughly based off of these instructions from J & S Creationz - though I never completely follow through with directions. This was made from scraps of fabric that have been sitting around our house for years:

There you have it. My one dollar (filled) Easter basket, bound to make two little children very happy.

(I didn't include candy in the basket because - honestly - it just didn't fit.)

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