Thursday, June 24, 2010


To update on my post before this one...

My dad is fine. The doctors said that it was just from high blood pressure, and he is supposed to watch his blood pressure from now on. The crazy thing is that his blood pressure used to always be low.

My brother and sister-in-law got their car fixed and made it to our house after 11 hours of driving (for a trip that usually takes 6.)

My friend is still in the hospital, but I have heard that he is doing a lot better.

I had a good weekend with my little nephew and niece. It was awesome seeing the two of them meet. Their parents laid them down on a blanket together and after laying peacefully together for a few minutes while we all snapped pictures they both started crying at the same exact moment. Twins? :)

Here it is practically the weekend again already! This weekend I might be heading out with all my brothers and sisters who still live with me to visit one of my brothers. We will be going Saturday evening and coming back sometime on Sunday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Is your world falling apart or is it just mine?

I'm not one to be so dramatic, and I'm actually not feeling much stress at all right now, but I do have a lot going on today!

The crazies started with a very upset little nephew for reasons unknown - he was probably just too hot and is probably very happy at home with his mommy and daddy right now.

My brother and his wife and my three week old little niece are on their way up to my family's house today for the weekend. They have about a 6 hour drive to get here (normally), but they called this afternoon (a few hours after leaving home) and their car had quit... They ended up losing 4 or more hours time and are set to arrive here sometime after midnight if all goes well - and they are traveling with a "newborn" baby!

My Dad was working when he called home and said that his neck felt tight or something like that and that his blood pressure was high and his pulse fast when he took them at Kmart. He came home because he didn't really know what was up, my sister (who is a nurse) told him that he should go and get checked out... he is on his way in right now. (Prayers would be appreciated.)

I went onto Facebook in the midst of all this and saw that a family friend (9 years old) who has had unexplained medical trouble for the last 6 years is going in to the hospital with a high fever and low oxygen. He has lived through many near death situations and the doctors are always amazed by him, but it has got to be hard on his many siblings and on his parents to have him going in and out of the hospital so often. (Once again, prayers would definitely be appreciated.)

So, my friends and family could use prayer... specifically for my family, that we could have a good and peaceful weekend. We have so many plans - my sister and her husband have their Anniversary tomorrow and my little sister and I plan on babysitting their 1 month old son P, Sunday is P's baby dedication and a cookout at my sister and brother-in-law's (and of course Sunday is also Father's day), and my brother and his wife and their baby C are coming up for the first time since their C's birth.

I hope that you all have a peace filled weekend!