Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How to Create a Good Home - My Review of Restoration House

Published by: Zondervan

Written by: Kennesha Buycks

I have a sister who is interested in decorating and the farmhouse style and all of that. When I first had the chance to read and review Restoration House, I thought it would be a design book that she would be interested in. This book is less of a how-to, decorating book and more of a book focused on creating a peaceful and good home, overall.

Restoration House: Creating a Space That Gives Life  and Connection to All Who Enter  -     By: Kennesha Buycks

Who This Book is For:

Those who are interested in design but also interested in more than that. This book is all about creating a home with God's help.

What I liked:

This is a nice sized book and it feels good in the hand. The cover is pretty and it would look good sitting out.

There are some really helpful tips in the book, like what to do when you have guests showing up and you do not have time to fully clean before they arrive.

The author shares bits and pieces from her life in this book.

What I didn’t like:

I wanted more pictures of designs and decor and that kind of thing.

My conclusion:

Overall, I think this is a nice book.

I give Restoration House 4 out of 5 stars.

I received this book free to review from BookLook. The opinions expressed in this review are my true thoughts and feeling regarding this book. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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